Zinédine Zidane to approve each change at Real Madrid

Summer won’t be easy for those at Valdebebas, where there will be a lot more work going on than there has been in recent years. Real Madrid’s poor season abandons them with a lot to do so as to give Zinedine Zidane a squad that can contend again next season.

There could be as many as 20 ins and outs at the club in the transfer window, each with Zidane’s own endorsement.

The Frenchman will be in charge of leading the revolution, which means he will have the decisive say on any moves that are to occur.

« There are going to be changes in the squad, that’s clear, » Zidane has already said. Although he’s adamant that it won’t be an ‘insurgency’ and rather a ‘development’, those progressions are believed to clear.

Gareth Bale’s case is perhaps the most significant, and Zidane isn’t depending on him for next season.

The coach will have the tough task of convincing those players who want out that they have a part to play at the club, to be specific Raphael Varane and Keylor Navas, who need to be essential players.

Both club and coach are already trying to plan next season’s squad, and they need to roll out the improvements when is feasibly conceivable.

Zidane wants his squad assembled before Los Blancos’ pre-season duties, but he knows himself that it’s hard to accomplish that given the condition of the market.


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