Valverde: This season will decide if I stay at Barcelona

It stays to be checked whether Ernesto Valverde will be set up at Barcelona next season, with the mentor declining to think excessively far into what’s to come.

Valverde insists that he is fully focused on the here and now, and that any choice taken about next season will be after reflecting on the success or failure of the current campaign.

« I have a contract with the club and it is true that the contract was for two years plus one, » Valverde said at his question and answer session on Saturday.

« We will decide whether or not I will continue depending on how the season goes.

« In the event that things go well and everybody is cheerful there will be another year but if you don’t win a price will be put on my head.

« We’ll perceive how it goes, yet on a basic level, I have an agreement with the club. »

Valverde facetiously ruled out the possibility of him announcing his future in a similar way to Antoine Griezmann.

« I’m a very bad actor, » he said.

When asked about the club’s transfer activity this winter, the mentor didn’t give much away.

« I don’t pay much attention to that.

« I realize we are a club that must be available to upgrades, but I pay attention to the players we have. »


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