The truth of the PSG case and their possible sanctions


Paris Saint-Germain Football Club


UEFA are clear in their understanding that the current Financial Fair Play model is not enough, additionally steps must be taken and circumstances can’t be permitted whereby questions around the activities of a club emerge, especially in the instances of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

Since getting to be president, Aleksander Ceferin has been clear about applying the law, yet has fallen short.

Reopening the PSG case for the 2016/17 accounts was not a simple gesture to the gallery, but rather the shocking sponsorship contracts appeared by the Ligue 1 club have been checked on in detail and the parallel reviews that have been accounted for by MARCA leave no uncertainty.


The agreements violate the spirit of FFP.


In the last meetings at the Nyon headquarters, the matter was discussed and possible measures were pondered but, right now, it is said that « football can’t manage without groups like PSG or Manchester City. »

The case is in the hands of UEFA’s research chamber, yet designs do exclude a conceivable avoidance from the opposition.


The case is in the hands of UEFA’s research chamber, a last decision is normal before the year’s end and there is each possibility they could be given a second authoritative endorse.

In 2014 the club were punished for failing to comply with FFP and were fined while also forced to reduce their squad to 21 players, however now different clubs are pushing for the approvals to be taken further.



As MARCA understands though, there is no talk of exclusion and UEFA are evident that they need to be intense.

The statement issued in Nyon shows concern and the council « unanimously expressed its desire to strengthen the positive and open relationship with UEFA, and all individuals concurred that UEFA will help guarantee the development and maintainability of football at all levels throughout the continent.


« The parties underlined their commitment to work together for the advancement of club rivalries under the initiative of UEFA. »

What’s more, the documents of those groups who abused FFP in 2017/18 ought to be known in the following couple of days and the points of interest of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar’s transfers will be seen for the first time.


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