Sergio Ramos: « You need to respect Solari… »

Sergio Ramos addressed the press in front of Real Madrid’s Club World Cup Final against Al Ain on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

Cristiano’s statements: « This is a wave that you have to know how to manage, but we didn’t listen to him speak badly about Madrid once. The time he was here has seen the modesty of this gathering and that was our prosperity. We wish Cris the best. »

Isco on the margins: « No, he is another player. The good thing that Madrid has is the competition. There are players like Ceballos who didn’t have numerous minutes a year ago and this year yes. The demand level is at the maximum at Madrid and the final decision is made by the manager for small details because there is a very high level in this squad. »

OK prefer to see Mourinho overseeing Real Madrid? « I am not the one to choose who I need to oversee. The chiefs don’t have that dimension of choice. We have spent the last five years without Mou but he is a personality who sells a lot….You have to respect Solari and everyone who has trained since him. »

Strict managers: « What I said was that in life in general you can’t impose respect, you have to win it. No one declines to do anything, we generally have that tendency. We have trainers of all kinds. I don’t have problems with what the manager wants. »


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