Sarri: Juventus are the best team in Italy, C.Ronaldo is the world’s best player

Juventus officially presented Maurizio Sarri as their new coach on Thursday and the former Chelsea tactician has demonstrated that the Old woman are the best Serie A club.

The 60-year-old has also hailed Cristiano Ronaldo’s quality and he pledged to assist the Portuguese’s endeavors to break more records.

« I always arrive with some scepticism, as it already happened at Empoli, Napoli and Chelsea, » he said.

« The best way to dispose of this distrust is by winning and persuading individuals.

« Juventus are the most important team in Italy and their offer is the culmination of a very long career, 80 percent of which was very difficult.

« With Cristiano Ronaldo we are at a more elevated amount, as he is the best on the planet.

« It is energizing to have the option to mentor him and I might want to enable him to conquer new difficulties.

« When a player has the quality of [Paulo] Dybala or Ronaldo, they can play any role on the pitch and what can change is only the elucidation of that job.

« The philosophy of the game remains the same, but you have to have the intelligence to adapt it to the attributes of the players. »


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