Roman Abramovich cautioned « not to black out » over N’Golo Kante’s specialists’ gigantic transfer expenses



N’Golo Kanté

In the summer of 2016, Chelsea won the battle against PSG and Real Madrid to sign N’Golo Kante from Leicester City for 38 million euros.

In any case, if any club moves to sign him later on, it would be advisable that they first take his agents’ fees into account, something Chelsea erroneously disregarded two years prior.


As indicated by the most recent disclosures by Football releases, the player’s operators, Gregory Dakad and Abdelkarim Douis, pocketed 12 million euros between them from the transfer deal between Leicester and Chelsea – with the previous winning 7 million euros and last mentioned, 5 million euros.

The agents’ commissions – the equivalent of a third of the player’s transfer fee – came as a surprise to Chelsea. Also, in an email acquired by Football Leaks, club chief, María Granovskaia, told proprietor Roman Abramovich « not to swoon » when she broke the news to him about Dakad and Douis’ cosmic expenses.


Kante denies seaward installments from Chelsea


This is the second disclosure encompassing N’Golo Kante uncovered for this present week. According to documents acquired by Football Leaks, the French player refused to accept offshore payments from Chelsea designed to help him avoid paying income tax.

Apparently, Kante had at first consented to a seaward record being set up in his name, to which a segment of his compensation identified with picture rights would be paid. But later on the player refused to accept payments to the offshore account, demanding he wanted “a normal salary”.


« N’Golo is unbendable, he essentially needs a typical compensation. In the wake of perusing various press articles on picture rights and expense examinations against players and clubs, N’Golo is increasingly concerned that the set-up proposed to him could be questioned by the tax authorities.

N’Golo concluded that he would not like to go out on a limb, » read the Football Leaks-acquired email from his expense counsel to Chelsea.


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