Reports : Real Madrid’s life without Casemiro


Solari and Casemiro


As part of his Real Madrid reconstruction, Santiago Solari will have to manage the side for the time being without Casemiro, who has been a principal player for as far back as three years.

The Brazilian will be out for around a month with a sprained ankle so the new coach must look for a medium-term arrangement in an exceptionally fragile position.

Against Celta Vigo, when the Brazilian left in the 22nd moment, Dani Ceballos was filled the void, but that was an emergency solution made in the heat of battle.


In Vigo, utilizing Ceballos there worked yet presently there is more opportunity to reflect and analyse who the ideal man to replace Casemiro is.

Zinedine Zidane quite often utilized Toni Kroos to replace him when he was injured and that worked well.

Of the 18 nonappearances for Casemiro through damage, 14 saw him replaced by the German in a role he has admitted isn’t his ideal one, despite the fact that he has the quality to exceed expectations in it.



In any case, it should also be noted that he hasn’t been at his best this year when used in that position under Julen Lopetegui.

« I’m not a Casemiro, » was the protest from Kroos when he was on universal obligation last time out.

With Kroos in this job under Zidane, Real Madrid won eight games and drew six of the 14 in which he replaced Casemiro, with Mateo Kovacic utilized nearby the German on nine events for help.



Only once did Zidane opt for Marcos Llorente, in principle the most common substitution.

It was last season away to Espanyol and Real Madrid lost 1-0, which to date is the main annihilation for them without Casemiro on the field because of damage.

Altogether, they have missed him multiple times and got 11 wins, six draws and one defeat during that time, scoring 53 objectives and surrendering 21.


When all of the internationals return, Solari will have a choice to make and it will in all likelihood be among Ceballos and Kroos.

The Spaniard performed very well at Balaidos and scored too, while he also shone in Zagreb with the national team, demonstrating that he is fine shape.

A player with phenomenal procedure, he is enjoying the confidence of the new coaches this season after Zidane’s flight.


Casemiro would like to be back in time for the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi, where Real Madrid will hope to hold their title for a third straight year.


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