Real Madrid F.C winger Gareth Bale: We’re only robots

Real Madrid’s Welsh winger Gareth Bale spoke to BT Sport for the film State of Play.

Bale says that elite footballers are treated differently to other sports stars. « As a professional athlete, especially in a team environment, you can’t choose your own calendar like in golf or tennis, so we’re just robots, » said Bale. « They reveal to us where to be, when to be there, what time we need to eat, the time we need to jump on the transport. Maybe you’re losing your life here and there.

« You can’t choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. I can understand completely why they say that, but then again I believe that a vocation in football is short to the point that occasionally you need to forfeit those things. »

Bale is a known golf lover

« I try to play golf whenever I can, in fact I’m obsessed with it. Really I haven’t thought of what I will do in 20 years when I’ve resigned from football however I would like to continue playing golf. »


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