Raheem Sterling reveals Manchester United’s Juan Mata told him to ‘show some respect’ during derby game




THE Manchester derby was always going to be a fiesty affair, but not many anticipated an argument would happen between Juan Mata and Raheem Sterling.

After a spot of show boating in the final few minutes of the game, Mata advised his City opponent to « demonstrate some regard », which did not sit well with the England forward.


Manchester City Manchester United


Despite putting in a fine performance and being 3-1 up, Sterling decided to entertain the City loyal and his execution inspired cries of ‘Ole’ from the home fans.

Red Devils’ sub Mata felt diversely and didn’t welcome the show-sailing, as United were already frustrated.

Sterling did several step-overs as time was running out, but Mata felt he was taking the mick out of United, the City winger safeguarded his activities.


Speaking to the Times, Sterling pleaded his innocence and claimed it wasn’t his intention to disrespect anyone, he said: « I was keeping the ball in the corner.

I can comprehend on the off chance that we had lost the ball, and they’d gone down the opposite end, however I am endeavoring to dawdle, pull in a foul.


« I wasn’t endeavoring to slight them. I wouldn’t. I was just trying to keep the ball in the corner and entertain the fans at the same time.

« That’s not my thing. Juan Mata just said, ‘Show a little bit of respect’. »


Sterling’s manager Pep Guardiola appeared to concur with Mata’s slants as he stormed onto the pitch on the final whistle and made a beeline for his winger.

City’s chief argued with Sterling, as Guardiola appeared to point towards the area where his player had been doing step overs.


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