Carlo Ancelotti say : ‘Napoli are more likely to go through than Liverpool’


Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that the partenopei will look to play in a similar way tomorrow against Liverpool as they played against them in the principal diversion between the two side half a month back. He also said that Napoli are more likely to go through.

Liverpool vs Napoli

The permutation of qualification is a fragile one. Liverpool have to win 1-0 to qualify and if they concede one, they’d need to win by a two goal edge to experience. Napoli though, have to win, draw or make sure they don’t lose 1-0 and don’t lose by a 2 goal margin.

Ahead of the game, Ancelotti was talking to Sky Sports and talked about his side will look to approach the game. He said they’ll play like how they played in the primary diversion.

Carlo Ancelotti 

He said: « I do not know what Liverpool will do, but we know the intensity that we put in these matches and we have to be focused on what we want. We are here to play our amusement as we have constantly attempted to do, at that point now and again we he have succeeded and different occasions we haven’t. But if we are clever in both phases, we have more chances to get through.

« We certainly will not take the opponent lightly. We are at the last phase of a way where we have done and now we have to make one final stride.


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