Mourinho: Some of my players would describe me as a b*stard

Jose Mourinho has had a tumultuous last few years in management, falling out with some key players in his spells with Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man United, and he perceives that his longing to win makes him unendurable now and again.

The Portuguese has been one of Europe’s most successful coaches in the 21st century, winning a plethora of trophies, but his ongoing encounters have polluted his picture to some degree.

« How would players describe me in one word? Some will say a b*stard, » Mourinho told DAZN.

« Why should [clubs] choose me? To win. In fact, I’d ask them directly: ‘If you want to win, if the one condition is winning, then we can start talking.' »

The 56-year-old is aware that while he brings a lot in terms of coaching, he can become very frustrated when players don’t share his desire to win.

Mourinho’s last two managerial roles have both come in the Premier League, yet he doesn’t predict his next circumstance coming in England.

« I’m back in London, but I don’t think the next stop will be in the Premier League, » he noted.

« The trophies [I’ve won in the past] are the guarantee of my [future] success. even the individuals who do everything conceivable to overlook [my achievements], it’s possible.


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