Mourinho slams drinks container in celebration of late winner




After the huge Belgian’s late goal, Mourinho kicked over an instance of water suppresses and picked another, terminating it back to the ground.


The United manager was criticised by Gary Lineker amongst others for his reaction to a Marcus Rashford miss when he swung to the jam and gestured in appall.

The youthful English aggressor has just scored twice in 14 appearances all season and is yet to register a goal in the Champions League.

After the game, Mourinho said, « Because I don’t behave as a clown on the touchline, it means I lost my passion …

I want to carry on the manner in which I am doing it, substantially more develop, better for my team and myself, I don’t think you have to behave like a crazy guy on the touchline to have that passion.”


He also told reporters, « For some of my lovers, I just want to say: for the ones that like stats, multiple times in the Champions League, multiple times qualified through the gathering stages.

Never one of my teams remained in the gathering stage. The seasons I didn’t play in the Champions League, I won the Europa League. »


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