Thiago Motta wants to revolutionise football with a 2-7-2 formation



Motta needs to reform football with a 2-7-2 development

Thiago Motta needs to reform football with a 2-7-2 developments as he discloses to Gazzetta dello Sport.

« My thought it to play upsettingly. A short team that controls the game, high pressure and a considerable measure of development with and without the ball, » he says.

« I want the player that has the ball to dependably have three or four arrangements and two partners close by to help. The difficulty in football is, often to do things simply but to control the base, pass and get free.


I don’t care for the quantities of the field since they deceive you. You can be super hostile with a 5-3-2 and guarded in a 4-3-3. Depending on the quality of the guys. I had a game a while ago where the two full-backs ended up playing as the 9 and 10. but , that doesn’t mean I don’t care for individuals like Samuel and Chiellini, conceived safeguards. »


Motta’s 2-7-2 development


« Could it be a 2-7-2? », he is asked by the journalist Andrea di Caro, which would mean he is playing with 12 on the off chance that you tally the goalkeeper. « No, the goalkeeper counts as one of the midfield seven.


For me, the assailant is the primary safeguard and the goalkeeper is the main aggressor. The goalkeeper starts the play, with his feet and the attackers are the first to put pressure to recover the ball, » explains Motta.


He likewise says he has a two-yeat manage PSG’s under-19s yet that he is quick to assume control over the main team. « I have nothing against Tuchel but my goal is to be on the bench for the first team, » he says.


The former midfielder also says Ancelotti is a reference as he had a perfect blend of tactics, identity, preperation, brain science and human relations.


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