Modric: « We can’t keep positioning up like this in each game »

Complicated league to win: « It’s a really tough loss. We started poorly like against Villarreal but we created a lot. Our concern is the absence of goal and the absence of focus. Until the point when the sending off, we created lots of chances but it wouldn’t go in. We have to try to be better. »

Solari’s work: « The manager is going a great job but he can’t score the goals or stop them at the beginning of the game. He has trust, but we are out there on the field and we need to improve the situation to have more focus.

We can’t keep cocking up like this in every game. You have to avoid it in the future. Today, we created but we lacked the goal and that’s our problem. Solari has our confidence and we won’t be looking for excuses with him or blame him. »

Emergency: « Missing objectives and greater solidarity on the field. At home, they’re scoring objectives on us and we aren’t scoring many.

Solving the problems: « I think that we all have to be self-critical. We have to speak clearly and say it how it is. We can’t see we did well and just didn’t have luck.

The ball isn’t going in and we have to see why. There are reasons why we are bad and you have to see what they are. We all have to take more responsibility. »

VAR harming Madrid: « We can’t take care of VAR. It will be there yet I don’t comprehend why it doesn’t get engaged with a circumstance like Vinicius’ punishment.

They’re befuddled about when to utilize it and when it comes into play…. in any case, that is it. That is not our concern, it’s not the VAR, we need to concentrate on different things. »


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