Lloris demands improvement from quiet Hotspur fans for Borussia

HUGO LLORIS insists Tottenham Hotspur have to perform better than they did against Leicester City F.C if they want to beat Borussia Dortmund – on and off the pitch.

The Hotspur skipper saved a Jamie Vardy penalty in his side’s 3-1 victory over Leicester City yesterday.

And the French keeper believes his team must enhance in the event that they need to advance to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Lloris has also called on Tottenham fans to make more noise at Wednesday’s Last 16 first leg tie at Wembley after the environment inside the arena felt level for the Foxes.

He said afterwards: “We need to obviously improve the team performance, contrasted with today, and we need the arena to push, to support us.

“On some days, like today it’s difficult to deal with Wembley. But hopefully in this big game we’ll get this assistance from the group. »


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