Lionel Messi the dribbler faces Van Dijk the impenetrable

« How to stop Messi? I’ve no idea ». Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk responded modestly when asked the question about his next opponent in the mixed zone of Do Dragao. His side had quite recently discarded FC Porto in the Champions League quarter-last and musings had quickly moved to the tie that had world football salivating.

There is so much to get excited about regarding a double header between five time European champions Barça and Liverpool, and one of them is how the Premier League’s best player manages the for the most part acknowledged most noteworthy assailant on earth, if not ever.

Van Dijk vs Messi: a footballing paradox

With battles all across the pitch, and the tactical one from the sidelines between Klopp and Valverde, the proceeded with great insights and type of Van Dijk and Messi lines up a charming circumstance.

In their respective campaigns this season, the Argentine has successfully completed 168 dribbles past opponents (almost four per game) while the big Dutchman has not been beaten by an opposing player’s dribble over the same time period.

This abandons us with an apparently relentless power – Messi has been depicted in such words previously – estimating himself against a practically steadfast item.


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