Kylian Mbappe : Paris Saint-Germain cannot be afraid

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club

Kylian Mbappe believes Paris Saint-Germain must stop being afraid in their quest to prevail in the Champions League.

The forward delivered another impressive performance at Old Trafford as the Ligue 1 side beat Manchester United in their round of 16 first leg.

« I feel like asking that we stop selling fear, we have to stop being afraid, » Mbappe revealed to RMC Sport after the amusement.

« Football is played on the pitch and it’s clear that Neymar is very important, that Edinson Cavani is fundamental but football is played on the pitch and today we have appeared.

« French football has to go as far as possible in the champions league, so we have to stop being afraid. We are a good team. »

Mbappe recognized that he botched an opportunity to execute off the tie, but remained satisfied with the win.

« We are halfway through, » he said « so we will continue to prepare for the amusement in three weeks and to be prepared.

« We had many midfielders and we are used to playing with all the more advances so we needed to adjust.

« The coach told me that it would be a little different than usual and that maybe I would have less possession and that I needed to search for profundity. »


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