Klopp: I don’t feel like a loser, I haven’t had an unlucky career

With Jurgen Klopp seeking to end a six-match winless run in finals, the Liverpool boss insists he isn’t a failure and he hasn’t had an unfortunate vocation.

Liverpool will face Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League final on Saturday night, yet the Reds were beaten by Real Madrid in the 2018 final, while Klopp additionally lost in European football’s masterpiece with Borussia Dortmund in 2013.

« My career, for sure, so far has not been unlucky, » Klopp told the press. « I must be the world record holder for winning semi-finals, however in the event that I composed a book about it most likely nobody would get it!

« Between 2012 and 2017, I reached every final with my team. I don’t feel like a loser. If I did, I would have a problem.

« In these types of matches, there are times when you are lucky and times when you don’t have it [on your side], but that is something you can’t change.

« If I was the reason for losing six finals in a row, then everyone should worry.

« If not, we have a chance. Last year [we lost to Madrid because of] three strange goals; aside from that it was a decent game.

« But we go into a situation where we have learnt a lot from our time together. »

Looking at the two teams and whether either has a better chance because of the manner in which they qualified, Klopp was unequivocal.

« If I thought Tottenham had an advantage I would be mad, » he said. « We don’t consider it.


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