Jordi Alba clears up the ‘misconception’ with Luis Enrique



luis enrique vs jordi alba


Jordi Alba spoke in a press conference at Las Rozas and was asked about his row with Luis Enrique, Spain mentor, which is currently finished.

« With Valverde I’ll be better,” was the phrase that may have been the source of Lucho’s anger. Alba said it when the Spaniard left the club and the player cleared up yesterday what his goal was.

« I said that because of my desire to play more minutes, because everyone wants to play more and I do not regret having said it, but basically on the grounds that in the last season (with Lucho) I played less minutes and we as a whole need to play more, » said Alba.


Alba always maintained a very respectful tone towards Luis Enrique, remembering that « he helped me a lot at Barcelona and he is a great person », yet that he needed to acknowledge being forgotten in light of the fact that « it was his choice, as Valverde’s, with whom I have an amazing relationship yet on the off chance that some time or another he chooses not to play me then I’ll need to state ‘no matter’. »


The defender ended the controversy, just as Luis Enrique had done when he announced his call-up. Presently they are for the most part just reasoning about the definitive match on Thursday in the UEFA Nations League in Croatia.


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