Europe’s greatest clubs hold mystery discusses wage agreement to check fabulous requests from players


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EUROPE’S greatest clubs are in secret talks about a wages pact – to keep their funds spiraling crazy.

SunSport can shockingly reveal the European elite are worried players’ swelled pay demands risk threatening their long-term future.


Also, the clubs are looking to work together to stop salaries sky- rocketing any further.

The Prem clubs were studying the « new wage level » for a few months.

Aaron Ramsey was staggered when Arsenal pulled back his agreement offer – and he said yesterday he was in obscurity with respect to why.

While Raheem Sterling has been told by Manchester City that he will not get the £ 100,000 every week rise he needs.




Across Manchester, City’s rivals United are equally prepared to play hardball with goalkeeper David De Gea, tolerating them will release him instead of pay him the wages he needs as Jose Mourinho conceded yesterday.

Presently in the background talks including a portion of the European giants could see an agreement not to “poach” players who are endeavoring to hold their current clubs to contract « ransom ».

One senior club executive told SunSport: “Some of the salary demands by players and their operators are basically unsustainable.

« It can not go on. A line must be drawn.




Driving Premier League sides have exhibited more noteworthy wage limitation as of late in spite of immunity development in TV wages.

The proportion of wages to revenue dropped to a 20-year low and stood at just 55% of salary over the Premier League in 2017.

Keeping up that figure, however, will become increasingly difficult for even the biggest clubs if salary demands from top stars keep on skying rocket.

Furthermore, in spite of potential dangers that any informal assertions could rupture European law, the mystery talks could bring a mainland wide realignment.

The senior figure included: “Players and their agents will always agitate and they may want to move.


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