Breaking News : UEFA supports third club rivalry




The executive committee of UEFA have approved a third club competition for European clubs which will run between 2021 to 2024 at least.

It is at present being named Europa League 2.

« A comprehensive rivalry implies more amusements for more clubs and more organizations, » said Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president.

However, it is not yet clear how teams will qualify for the competition.


It will be similar in format to the current Champions League and Europa League with 32 groups in a gathering position.

There will be eight groups of four, trailed by a last sixteen, quarter-last, semi-last and last.

In addition, before the last sixteen there will be a play-off round between teams finishing second in each group and teams to have completed third in their Europa League gatherings.


In total, there will be 141 games played over 15 weeks, with the victor acquiring a spot in the Europa League for the accompanying effort.

Amusements will be played on Thursday close by Europa League installations, with the Champions League continuing as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday.



There will also be a third time slot created for fixtures, commencing at 16:30.


The finals of the three UEFA competitions will all be played in the same week, with the new rivalry finding a victor on Wednesday, before the Europa League on Thursday and Champions League on Saturday.


Something like 34 groups will be spoken to in the group stages of UEFA competitions thanks to the creation of this tournament, an expansion from the current aggregate of 26.

« UEFA’s new club competitions makes UEFA’s club competitions more inclusive than ever » Ceferin clarified.

« This opposition emerged from ceaseless discussions with the Association of European Clubs.

« There was a major interest from clubs to build the likelihood of taking an interest all the more frequently in European rivalries.


« This has accomplished a vital concentration and will prompt higher quality and consideration in our rivalries. »

The fresh debut will have no effect on the Champions League.


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