pique requested that Camp Nou stop insulting Madrid defender sergio Ramos


Gerard Pique is taking on the role of leader on the pitch. The Barcelona focus back even requested that supporters not affront players like Sergio Ramos amid Sunday’s Clasico prevail upon Real Madrid.


In a sign of fair play picked up by the cameras of ‘El partidado de Vamos », Pique reacted to few fans who had started droning about Madrid safeguard Ramos. The Catalan lifted his finger as a way of disagreeing with the chants and asked them to change their attitude.
The supporters appeared to tune in to Pique and the affront being gone for Ramos decreased after his mediation.

Keep in mind that Pique and Ramos, notwithstanding their disparities from various perspectives, have emphasized on a few events that they have a decent relationship, to the point that they even have extends far from the pitch they’re chipping away at together.


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