Bayern Munich won the battle for Lucas between Real Madrid and United

Lucas Hernandez will play at Bayern Munich starting next January, the Germans bouncing in front of two of the most vital and ground-breaking teams in Europe, Real Madrid and Manchester United, in order to capture the defender’s services.

It’s as of now realized that Atletico’s neighbors have, on two events, knocked on the Frenchman’s door with the intention of repeating the move he already made with his brother Theo in the summer of 2017.

In fact, Real proposed to sign the player (who then had a clause of 55 million) at that point, but Simeone convinced him to stay as a rojiblanco.

His identification with the club that formed him, as he has publicly acknowledged several times, kept him from leaving to their unceasing opponents.

But Los Blancos didn’t give up and they tried again this last summer.

The appropriate response was the equivalent, as Lucas struggled to accept their offer and the one from Manchester United.

In spite of the fact that the English club were eager to pay the statement of 80 million euros that Lucas had signed with his renewal, the defender thought about it and ended up staying in Madrid.

However, now Bayern have flexed their muscles and have overtaken the other suitors

They’ve done it with a games venture in which they’ve guaranteed Lucas will be the pioneer of the defence and with the emoluments that have convinced him to leave the club in which he was formed.


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