Barcelona vs Man United: The king wants the throne back

« When the hour strikes Messi o’clock there is no sensible form of virtualisation, no tactical prep that can lessen his impact. You are simply an extra in his game, a prop, another zombie in his shoot-em-up.

Even when you take away his space, push him to the edges for 80 minutes, make him look a sad remnant of his actual universe-manager self; he still in some way or another winds up winning the day. »

That’s how The Guardian summed up Lionel Messi’s performance at Old Trafford on Wednesday. In England they’re certain on one thing: the Champions League tie between F.C Barcelona and Man United depends on the No.10.

It is a similar story at Barça, particularly since Lionel Messi said the Champions League was the one the players need this season.

The injury of losing to Roma last season at the quarterfinal stage has still not healed. In the Eternal City, one year prior, Barça endured an annihilation which they can’t overlook.

« That just means he’s closer to scoring now, » coach Ernesto Valverde said on Monday. « The insights don’t reveal to you what will happen tomorrow. There’s no dread, simply enormous energy to traverse. »


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