Atletico Madrid ask Barcelona to pay 200 million euros for Griezmann

Barcelona signed Antoine Griezmann on Friday for 120 million euros, yet Atletico Madrid have asked the Blaugrana to pay 200m euros as this was the figure when they started consulting with the player.

Los Rojiblancos argue that an agreement was reached between Griezmann and Barcelona preceding his discharge condition dropping to 120m euros on July 1.

« Antoine Griezmann, represented by his lawyer, appeared at LaLiga’s headquarters to unilaterally terminate his contract with Atletico Madrid, having deposited the 120 million euros for FC Barcelona, » the announcement read.

« Atletico Madrid consider that the amount deposited is unsuccificent to meet his release clause, since it is obvious that the agreement between the player and FC Barcelona was shut before the provision diminished from 200 million euros to 120 million euros.

« Additionally, before the provision being adjusted, the player conveyed on May 14 that he would leave the club.

« Atletico Madrid believe that the termination of the contract occurred before the end of last season due to events, acts and demonstrations made by the player and have therefore we have initiated the procedures that are considered to be appropriate for the defence of our legitimate rights and interests. »


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