Weapons store, Manchester United and Chelsea set to battle FA gets ready for extreme slice to remote players standard after Brexit



FA chiefs want to bring in enhanced quotas restricting foreign players in the Premier League.

Under the new proposals, to be debated by the 20 top flight clubs this week, the current furthest reaches of 17 players who are not « home developed » will be sliced to 12.


The FA trust the new standards will give a Brexit trade off to profit the English diversion.

In exchange for the limits on the number of overseas players, clubs will be given the freedom to sign players from all over the world, with work licenses conceded consequently by the administration.


That will avoid the looming post-Brexit situation where European players would have to qualify for work permits by playing in a high level of full global diversions for their nations.

Forcing clubs to have more home grown players will be a huge step towards extending the quantity of choices accessible to Gareth Southgate and his successors as England manager.



The emerging crop of English talent would also be likely to get more game-time in the top flight, decreasing the requirement for credit moves either to different groups or down the football pyramid.

But the moves are likely to be opposed by the Big Six clubs, who are bound and determined against any more confinements on outside players.

Manchester City and Spurs currently have the full 17-strong overseas allocations in their first group squads, while Chelsea and Liverpool have 16.



Yet with Southgate only the latest Three Lions boss to be frustrated by the low number of English players in regular top flight action, the FA trusts the proposed measures would be generally bolstered the nation over.

It is not envisaged that any changes – likely to begin being implemented for the 2019-20 season – would have an emotional moment affect.


Existing contracts for foreign players would be honoured with the foreign quota likely to be reduced over a three-season period, giving clubs time to adjust.


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