Ancelotti: ‘I might want to remain at Napoli for quite a while’



Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti has spoken to DAZN in an interview about his arrival in Italy and what he has realized so far as head mentor of Napoli.

“The Scudetto must be a dream and not a utopia, if it were a utopia it would be a disaster, we can only reach it through a huge undertaking, we can just achieve it through a colossal endeavor, we will dependably remain on our goal.


“The questions that annoy me most in the post-match are those on training choices. We coaches see the team for the whole week in training and on this we rely for our decisions: it involves little subtle elements.

Abroad after the game we represent 10 minutes, in Italy rather we should stop for a hour with the different supporters and in addition live.



Also for this reason I’m not surprised by the reactions of some coaches and I even understand them: in such circumstances, in the event that they make the wrong inquiry, obliviousness can be triggered.


« When we are distant from everyone else, in the presence of the players he calls me Mr.

The reality of calling Ancelotti isn’t exceptionally agreeable, yet he is great at utilizing it as an upgrade to enhance himself It is a piece of a youthful, very well prepared and above all very motivated staff: this is very stimulating and fundamental for a person of my age.


“The future? I would like to live here for a long time, I like the air I inhale, regardless of whether I am a man from the North. »


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