Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson ‘disrupted the norms’ for Mohamed Salah’s questionable goal in prevail upon Fulham, says Mark Clattenburg



Alisson ‘broke the rules’ for Mohamed Salah’s controversial goal in win over Fulham,

LIVERPOOL’S opening goal against Fulham on Sunday should not have counted, as indicated by Mark Clattenburg.

The former Premier League referee branded the attack as « illegal » in light of the fact that the ball was all the while moving when Alisson took the free-kick.


Liverpool were awarded the set-piece after Alexandar Mitrovic’s goal was ruled out because he was in an offside position.

In a desperate bid to start a counter attack, Alisson took a quick free-kick and the assault prompted Mohamed Salah scoring the opener.

Clattenburg agrees with the offside decision, but believes that Liverpool ought to have been punished.

In the Daily Mail, Clattenburg said: « A part of the body that can score a goal only needs to be in an offside position and in this case, Aleksandar Mitrovic is imperceptibly off.



« His side and shoulder are behind the last defender, so that was the correct call from the colleague.

« However, when Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson takes the free-kick, the ball is moving and consequently it is illicit. »

The 43-year-old said that referee Paul Tierney should have made the former Roma star take the free-kick once more.

But the Reds managed to charge up the pitch and Trent Alexander-Arnold connected up with Salah to give Jurgen Klopp’s side the lead before half-time.


Clattenburg has also suggested that the Tierney should have given the visitors time to sort out themselves before play continued.

He added: « After his header, Mitrovic begun his festival as well.

« In situations when a tight offside has been given and a team is celebrating, for the most part the ref will defer the match to ensure all players are prepared for the retake.

« On this occasion, Tierney didn’t and Liverpool capitalised. »


The Reds proceeded to win 2-0 after Xherdan Shaqiri multiplied his group’s count in the 53rd moment.


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